Application Notes

Sensing Biodiversity: Vacuuming mammal DNA from the air

A geneticist uses a simple pump to filter microscopic genetic samples from air. The approach is a novel way to monitor biodiversity, identify species interactions and assess changes in the ecosystem. By Rehana Begg Take a deep breath. Now consider the air you’ve inhaled…Along with the oxygen, air contains nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as ozone, smoke, dust and …

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An inventory of multicellular species helping preserve and protect life on Earth

Photos courtesy of the University of Guelph Can we establish a global bio-surveillance system? Can we avert a planetary mass extinction? Helping to answer these and other large-scale questions about life on Earth is the goal of Bioscan, a project awarded $24 million in federal funding this past January according to a University of Guelph news article.Led by Paul Hebert, …

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