FEATURE: Biomedical selfies

On the road to extraordinary discoveries, a team of University of British Columbia chemists connected the dots this year, and arrived at what they refer to as “biomedical selfies” – using smartphones for clinical testing.

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The stem cell assembly line

STEMCELL Technologies is one of Canada’s leading providers of cell culture media for research purposes, including reagents, recombinant cytokines and other tools for the maintenance of cell cultures, as well as a number of tissue and stem cell types.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

CO2 capture technologies could be the key to reducing emissions. Canada has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent.

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Mending genes

Innovative Canadian researchers are advancing the young field of gene therapy and it will make recovery from a stroke possible.

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Transforming healthcare

Robots are revolutionizing healthcare in unprecedented and remarkable ways. Today, they’re assisting surgeries in operating rooms.

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