Lab Profiles

The Perimeter Institute puts Canada at the Frontier of Theoretical Physics

By Jana Manolakos When he took the helm as Director of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, last year, Robert Myers urged his team of intrepid theoretical physicists to “be bold, be adventurous, be audacious in our aspirations to advance humanity through exceptional science.” And they took up the call.  At the Institute, considered the world’s largest research hub for …

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Fighting the Virus Among Us

On the vaccine frontlines since the 1970s, VIDO-InterVac is among the leaders in the fight against COVID-19 By Abigail Cukier In January, within 24 hours of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring COVID-19 a health emergency of international concern, the Public Health Agency of Canada gave researchers at the University of Saskatchewan’s VIDO-InterVac Centre permission to work with the virus.  …

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Plumbing the depths

As champions of the deep, Canada's Ocean Frontier Institute is leading the charge on research into the health of marine ecosystems.

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