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Biome-friendly ingredients for a healthier future

Phycus Biotechnologies Inc. is developing alternatives to toxic cosmetics ingredients By Sean Tarry The cosmetics industry has come under a significant amount of criticism in recent years related to the collective negative impact that it has on the environment. From the use of excessive packaging and contributions to plastic pollution, to its unsustainable resource consumption, the manufacturers and purveyors of …

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Sensing Biodiversity: Vacuuming mammal DNA from the air

A geneticist uses a simple pump to filter microscopic genetic samples from air. The approach is a novel way to monitor biodiversity, identify species interactions and assess changes in the ecosystem. By Rehana Begg Take a deep breath. Now consider the air you’ve inhaled…Along with the oxygen, air contains nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as ozone, smoke, dust and …

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An inventory of multicellular species helping preserve and protect life on Earth

Photos courtesy of the University of Guelph Can we establish a global bio-surveillance system? Can we avert a planetary mass extinction? Helping to answer these and other large-scale questions about life on Earth is the goal of Bioscan, a project awarded $24 million in federal funding this past January according to a University of Guelph news article.Led by Paul Hebert, …

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