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What’s being printed?

A list of the growing number of clinical applications for 3D bioprinting technology By Sean TarryNot long ago, 3D bioprinting technology was an innovation reserved for the most complex cases. However, following recent advancements, the use of the innovation is becoming a little more widely and more frequently used, paving the way forward toward a bioprinted future. Here are just …

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Engineering the future of drug discovery

Revolutionary 3D bioprinting technology helping to optimize the drug development process By Sean tarry The current and future state of drug discovery in Canada and across the globe is very much rooted in, and on the best of days reliant upon, innovation and scientific breakthrough. It’s an essential component on the journey toward affecting meaningful and medical revelations. And, one …

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Printing the future

University of Victoria professor on vanguard of bioprinting revolution By Robert Price Originally from Missouri, Stephanie Willerth’s fascination with biology started at an early age. Her high school thesis was on stem cell differentiation, a topic of great scientific and ethical interest in the mid-1990s when Dolly was being cloned in Scotland.Willerth completed a double major in biology and chemical …

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The heart of the matter

Funding helping to advance study of rare genetic diseases By Sean Tarry When it comes to the study of rare genetic diseases, related research is often considered by those within the field of life sciences as high-risk, high-reward. And, although the pay-off that might result from making a breakthrough or discovery with respect to rare genetic diseases might be lucrative, …

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Fighting asthma and lung disease

Creating a human airway with 3D bioprinting By Dan Rubinstein, Carleton UniversityAbout 10 per cent of Canadians suffer from asthma, the most common chronic disease among children and one of the leading causes of hospitalization. Yet we don’t really know why asthma makes it so difficult to breathe, so current treatments only address its symptoms and are not a long-term …

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