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The materials revolution

The ten most influential ways in which artificial intelligence and machine learning are being leveraged to advance medical research and innovation By Sean Tarry One of the most incredible qualities shared by both the life sciences and biomanufacturing industries is the fact that they are perpetually driven forward by a continuation of research into the unknown in efforts to uncover …

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Empower Health helping to close gaps in the system

By leveraging data and the power of artificial intelligence, healthcare services can be defragmented to better connect patients with medical professionals By Sean Tarry The entire world has now well and truly entered the age of digitization, where most things, whether physical or not, come with an electronic companion or digital duplicate. It’s enabled the recording and filing of a …

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New autonomous lab at University of Toronto to Improve Drug Formulation

From left: PhD trainee Zeqing Bao, Professor Christine Allen, Allen Lab Director of Research and Partnerships, and Pauric Bannigan. Photo by Steve Southon. By Eileen HoftyzerA new autonomous lab being built in the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy will help to design and optimize formulations that will improve bioavailability, stability, and efficacy of a variety of drugs.Christine …

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Transforming the Current and Future State of Gynecological Care

Canadian start-up advancing gynecological research and work by addressing pelvic floor disorders in women By Sean Tarry For women living with pelvic floor disorders, options available to treat symptoms have traditionally been limited, cost prohibitive, and ranging with respect to invasiveness. And, presenting conditions that can severely affect the muscles, tissues, and ligaments of the female pelvic floor, organs are …

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At the artificial intelligence tipping point

As technologies continue to evolve and their capabilities expand, it seems only a matter of time until the real impacts of AI begin to take hold By Sean TarryAs technological innovation continues to advance at bewildering speeds, the related capabilities of the tools we use and the computational power with which we work enhances significantly, impacting just about every aspect …

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