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CIFST 70th Anniversary Celebrations

By Heidi Loney Established in June 1951, the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) arose from the recommendations of the National Research Council Committee on Food Preservation, which was formed during the Second World War. The committee recognized food technology as an identifiable science and saw a need for trained people in the secondary handling and processing of …

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An inventory of multicellular species helping preserve and protect life on Earth

Photos courtesy of the University of Guelph Can we establish a global bio-surveillance system? Can we avert a planetary mass extinction? Helping to answer these and other large-scale questions about life on Earth is the goal of Bioscan, a project awarded $24 million in federal funding this past January according to a University of Guelph news article.Led by Paul Hebert, …

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Ag-West Bio: A catalyst and connector for Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry

Sponsored Content Are you building an agri-food business in Saskatchewan,looking for connections, training or support? We can help! Are you an investor looking for opportunities in the agri-food sector?Learn what Saskatchewan has to offer by contacting Ag-West Bio. We grow biobusiness in Saskatchewan What’s special about Saskatchewan?Saskatchewan is home to one of the most vibrant bioscience innovation clusters in Canada, …

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The Trackers: Keeping tabs on Canada’s wildlife

At the University of British Columbia, there’s a study that offers new evidence that protected natural areas promote mammal diversity. Researchers at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry analyzed data from a global data set drawing from 8,671 camera trap stations spanning four continents, the largest number of wildlife cameras ever analyzed in a single study.They found more mammal diversity in survey …

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From the willow: A medicine that transcends time

It goes as far back as the Assyrians who documented the use of willow leaves for rheumatic inflammation on stone tablets during the Sumerian period, around 2000 BCE. They found that willow leaves and bark reduced fevers and inflammation. Willows naturally produce salicylic acid in response to stress and to help fight against bacterial infection. It’s an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial …

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Prairies to Pharmacy

By TREVOR KENNEY Southern Alberta’s vast prairies can often harsh be and unforgiving. Windswept and prone to temperature extremes of 35 C during baked dry summer months and -35 C in the bone-chilling winter, its landscape is still surprisingly rich in flora, producing an array of hearty plants that are just now being recognized for their unique properties of medical …

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When one becomes four: A lifesaving, simple solution to the ventilator shortage

By JANA MANOLAKOS In the face of a critical shortage of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of physicians and engineers from the University of Calgary have developed an award-winning device that safely increases available machines at a low cost.The Valence InVent Xtend allows a single ventilator to provide air for up to four patients, with the capability of …

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The power of plants to ‘grow’ low-cost, high value drugs

By Jana Manolakos While medicines have been extracted from plants for centuries, plants and plant cell systems today can be genetically engineered to serve as drug-producing factories for a range of antibodies and other protein-based therapeutics and vaccines.At the forefront stands Canadian biopharmaceutical company PlantForm, which is harnessing plants for cost-effective therapeutic drugs for cancer and other life-threatening conditions — …

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The Booming Business of Pot Research

Ongoing research into cannabis in the public sector, coupled with both the emergence of large cannabis corporations and a newfound interest in the power of cannabinoids within the pharmaceuticals sector, is increasingly translating into exciting research that aims to close the gap between the many anecdotal uses for medical cannabis and what the science shows. And plenty are interested in …

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