Moments in Time

Regulatory pathway for the use of CBD in non-prescription health products?

Consultations are underway as science-based evidence is sought from stakeholders and the general public By Sean Tarry July 28, 2022, may not yet seem like a very important date. However, allowing for the passing of some time, it will continue to gain significance. On that mid-summer’s day, the Canadian federal government announced its decision to commence consultations and elicit stakeholder …

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CFI celebrates 25 years with a forward-looking survey of youth

To mark its 25th anniversary, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) launched a survey last year to ask 18- to 24-year-olds about their attitudes toward science. Among the findings released last fall, the survey revealed that many of the participants felt science was too intellectually demanding.“This significant and meaningful survey rings notes of hope and caution as we look to …

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CIFST 70th Anniversary Celebrations

By Heidi Loney Established in June 1951, the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) arose from the recommendations of the National Research Council Committee on Food Preservation, which was formed during the Second World War. The committee recognized food technology as an identifiable science and saw a need for trained people in the secondary handling and processing of …

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From the willow: A medicine that transcends time

It goes as far back as the Assyrians who documented the use of willow leaves for rheumatic inflammation on stone tablets during the Sumerian period, around 2000 BCE. They found that willow leaves and bark reduced fevers and inflammation. Willows naturally produce salicylic acid in response to stress and to help fight against bacterial infection. It’s an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial …

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Moments in Time: CANARIE connects Canadian researchers

By Jana Manolakos In 1993, the Canadian Government and the private sector launched a national network, the Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education (CANARIE), designed to help scientists and academics link vast amounts of research data across Canada and the world. A year later in 1994, the World Wide Web followed, bringing internet to the masses. …

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Oh Can-ola!

Since first appearing on the Canadian agricultural stage 60 years ago, a tiny, bright yellow flower achieved star status as a new cooking oil and biodiesel source that’s both good for humans and for the planet.  Canola, a name which combines “Canada” and “oil,” was developed by researchers and oilseed breeders at the University of Manitoba in the 1960s and …

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