Lending a Hand

In 1993, Gloria Thomson was the first recipient of the World Medical Laboratory Development Fund (WMLDF), a fund established by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), the national professional society for Canada’s medical laboratory professionals. The WMLDF was established in 1989 to assist members of the CSMLS with projects to help improve laboratory services in developing countries. Thomson used her grant of $1,000 to travel to Kenya to teach cytology, the study of plant and animal cells, at the University of Nairobi. Every year since 1989, CSMLS has awarded a selected individual with a grant to help in their research. The WMLDF fund is a financial stepping stone for CSMLS members who are furthering the international goals of the society. It has also made it possible for CSMLS to ship surplus equipment and books from Canada to places of need.  


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