The weather man, André J. Robert

In the early 1960s, André J. Robert developed the first successful spectral method for meteorological equations, replacing the previously common grid point method. Robert’s method, first documented in 1967, allowed the time step in atmospheric models to be increased by a factor of six, without reducing the accuracy of the forecasts. He later refined his method to include a time filter that was instrumental in the improvement of climate models, as well as allowing for efficiency and precision with reduced computation. Robert’s adaption of primitive meteorological equations for computational use led to the first computer simulation of the atmosphere’s general circulation. His methods were adopted by several of the world’s largest weather centres and are still in use.  


  “An Evaluation Of The Behaviour Of Planetary Waves In An Atmospheric Model Raised On Spherical Harmonics”

 “Numerical Methods In Atmospheric And Oceanic Modelling: The André J. Robert Memorial Volume”

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