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Paper Dreams

Research into thinner-than-paper carbon-based electronics opens new ways of living in the world — and it isn’t science fiction anymore.

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Regulatory pathway for the use of CBD in non-prescription health products?

Consultations are underway as science-based evidence is sought from stakeholders and the general public By Sean Tarry July 28, 2022, may not yet seem like a very important date. However, allowing for the passing of some time, it will continue to gain significance. On that mid-summer’s day, the Canadian federal government announced its decision to commence consultations and elicit stakeholder …

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CFI celebrates 25 years with a forward-looking survey of youth

To mark its 25th anniversary, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) launched a survey last year to ask 18- to 24-year-olds about their attitudes toward science. Among the findings released last fall, the survey revealed that many of the participants felt science was too intellectually demanding.“This significant and meaningful survey rings notes of hope and caution as we look to …

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Sensing Biodiversity: Vacuuming mammal DNA from the air

A geneticist uses a simple pump to filter microscopic genetic samples from air. The approach is a novel way to monitor biodiversity, identify species interactions and assess changes in the ecosystem. By Rehana Begg Take a deep breath. Now consider the air you’ve inhaled…Along with the oxygen, air contains nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as ozone, smoke, dust and …

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