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Biome-friendly ingredients for a healthier future

Phycus Biotechnologies Inc. is developing alternatives to toxic cosmetics ingredients By Sean Tarry The cosmetics industry has come under a significant amount of criticism in recent years related to the collective negative impact that it has on the environment. From the use of excessive packaging and contributions to plastic pollution, to its unsustainable resource consumption, the manufacturers and purveyors of …

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Genecis getting the most out of waste

A Toronto-based biotechnology company is turning organic waste into sustainable and biodegradable materials By Sean Tarry When it comes to the future of the planet, there are few challenges greater than that of limiting the amount of waste that’s created, particularly waste of the plastic variety. Not only are landfills brimming with the petroleum-based discards, but the impact of microplastics …

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Facilitating innovation and solutions through science and technology

The Saskatchewan Research Council IS helping industries solve technology problems, make improvements, and seize economic opportunities By Sean Tarry We’re currently living during extremely interesting times. Faced with a number of different challenges, yet equipped with a plethora of tools and resources to address and solve them, humankind has never before enjoyed such a wealth of capabilities and know-how. Aided …

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Getting ahead of Parkinson’s disease

New scientific research uncovers an early alarm system for high-risk patients By Sean Tarry There’s no doubting that scientific study and research is the lifeblood of the medical community, enabling discovery and advancement, fuelling new ideas and practice, enhancing current understanding, and continuously driving a next generation of innovation and breakthrough. That’s an apt description of the impact that the …

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Pick of the crop

MustGrow Biologics Corp’s plant-based technology platform is revolutionizing crop production  By Sean Tarry There are few things that pose a greater impact on the future health and wellbeing of the planet and people living on it than the quality of the crops being grown all over the world. Unfortunately, the pesticides and herbicides that have been used through the years, …

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Thinking inside the box

University of Saskatchewan Insect Research Facility promises new research into agricultural threats By Robert Price Sean Prager has been in love with bugs for a long time.  He began researching bugs during his undergraduate years at Clark University in Massachusetts in the early 2000s. Given a choice between studying fish and mosquitos, he chose mosquitos.  Today, Prager is an associate …

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Paper Dreams

Research into thinner-than-paper carbon-based electronics opens new ways of living in the world — and it isn’t science fiction anymore.

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